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Urbanfilm is a production company right in the heart of the Ruhr area based in Recklinghausen.
We specialize in commercial film productions and serve various clients across Europe. Our production infrastructure includes three different studios with a total area of over 2000 square meters, seven editing stations, two sound/recording studios and a graphics studio. This ensures access to a comprehensive and modern production chain for both ourselves and our clients.

We direct your products and offer creative solutions all from a single source. This is how our team works for your premiere and your successful and consistent public appearance.

Urbanfilm supports you with passion - creatively, reliably and individually!

From traditional development of commercials to unusual viral campaigns, we offer creative solutions. We create your film, your radio spot or even your entire multichannel campaign ... We are the content marketing experts for TV, cinema and the web. Our creation unit consists of copywriters, authors, marketing experts, artists and our film set employees. Together we develop the ideas and concepts for your media production.


Urbanfilm's vision has existed since 1999. While Christoph Urban was producing music videos for Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher (DoRo) in Berlin at that time, the idea arose that a creative production company has to be brought to the Ruhr area. And this is how it ultimately happened: Christoph Urban founded URBANFILM media production in May of 2012 in the heart of the Ruhr area, in his hometown Recklinghausen. The former Koenig Ludwig 4/5 Nord colliery in the Suderwich district has served as our production site since the summer of 2013.
Urbanfilm has been operating as a Ltd since the beginning of 2015, whose partner and managing director is Christoph Urban.


Among other things, we have been or are currently working for the following customers: POCO-Einrichtungsmärkte, Audi, SONAX, SIGMA Sports, Dormakaba, Sparkasse, Grimme-Preis, Schülerhilfe, Misereor, Klambt-Verlag, Kia Automobile, Lipo-Einrichtungsmärkte, Windhoff, Corpuls, Schuhhaus Dielmann, SWARCO Group, von Reiter, AWO, Exquisit, Steinmann Lederwarenfabrik, Audicon, DTE-Systems, GS Stempele, BKD, Stadtwerke Bochum, Geiping, Insert-Infotech, LAXIE, Medienhaus Bauer, Bildungszentrum des Handels, Rebeq, CMT-Color meets trend, FLC-Aircom, Kinder Palliativzentrum Datteln, Hoeganes Co., Hotel Galaxy, SAE-Institute, Studio DUIS, Pedalbox, Tuningbox Belgien, World of Lights, Verband Wohneigentum NRW, Hettlage Fashion and many more.

Christoph Urban produced for: MTV, Viva, RTL, John Cleese, Deichmann, Vorwerk, TEDI, Kaisers-Tengelmann, KiK-Textilien, Plus, EON, Kurt Krömer Show, RTL Freitag Nacht News and many more.


In 1998 Christoph Urban discovered his great passion for professional media productions.
Driven by a strong-beating musician's heart, he starts his career as a film producer right from his home recording studio.

Since then he has been producing music videos with artists such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Melanie Thornton, John Cleese, Stefan Stoppok or Udo Lindenberg, as well as advertising campaigns with prominent faces such as Verona Pooth, Daniela Katzenberger, Janine Kunze, Mickie Krause, Ralf Richter, Atze Schröder, Inka Bause and Jürgen Klopp. Due to his excellent knowledge of the industry and years of professional experience in advertising agencies, he and his team are a competent partner for customers in all industries when it comes to the implementation of advertising and media productions. He never gave up to live out his passion for music so he also creates advertising jingles and film music.

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