Your company needs advertising photography or 360-degree product representations for your campaigns?

3 different photo studios in the heart of the Ruhr area are available to you and us. Through decades of experience in the field of product presentation, we expanded our portfolio with advertising photography in 2015. With our permanently employed photographer Jens Trübiger, we offer photographic services in the studio, on-location or gladly also at your location. All this at the highest level and from a single source.


Our customers benefit from the fact that film and photography are close to each other. We have a lot of experience in combining film and photo shoots. The result often generates additional creative scope and offers cost savings by taking advantage of this synergy.


Online retail is in demand and so is the need for product representations. Buyers want to see the product from "all sides", we make it possible!


In 2016, we built a stationary 360-degree and film studio for a well-known large industrial customer, with a 3 meter turntable, a film set and digitally controllable LED lighting technology. Both the planning and realization were in our hands. The advantages for our customer are obvious: The photography now takes place at his location, the logistics of the photo samples by shipping are no longer necessary, there is no absenteeism rate of employees and goods. Production routes and times are massively shortened. Since the completion of the studio, we have been producing regularly with our team in our customer's new studio. A model that could set a precedent!


Through our Businessview.TV - photos your customers get unique insights, as they can look around and explore your company in a way that has never been possible before. The newly introduced virtual reality glasses for smartphones will also support this new technology. Our photographer has been certified by Google.


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